Doug Bedell — May 1, 2020, 3:20 pm

Tracking COVID-19 With Health Security Software

Like it or not, tracking people – fellow employees at a business, for instance – who have been exposed to, or come down with, COVID-19 is a business necessity in these harrowing times.

SecurityInfoWatch advises that “Though much of the early focus has centered around using things like smartphone apps that can notify individuals that they’ve recently had contact with someone infected by the virus, those types of products will do little to help enterprises and other organizations that will need more comprehensive datasets to ensure employees’ and customers’ safety.”

The post discusses a new “Health Risk Management” application.
“When someone tests positive for the virus, the application can be used to immediately survey other employees to determine who has encountered them. It can also be used in conjunction with thermal sensors to detect those who may be running fevers when they enter a facility.”

At least until there’s a vaccine to fight COVID-19 (possibly by early next year), such software will likely prove invaluable as a pandemic security helpmate.

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