Doug Bedell — May 13, 2020, 12:20 pm

Crisis Leadership: Creating an Incident Action Plan

New threats, such as protecting against the coronavirus, require an effective incident action plan, advises Dr. Randall Hanifen, at American Military University.

“As leaders during this challenging time of social distancing and coronavirus,” Dr. Hanifen writes, “we must properly manage two main areas in our organizations. Those areas are planning and communication…

“Some organizations have altered their policies, some have written directives and some have built out their IAPs. While Incident Command System (ICS) purists will only want an Incident Action Plan, it may be good to have a balance of policies, written directives and IAPs. The advantage to an IAP is that all of the information is in one place and can be updated daily.”

Read on about the components of an effective IAP, not least of which is heads-up communication.

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