Doug Bedell — May 20, 2020, 5:33 pm

Hackers Turn Wearable Fitness Devices Into a Security Threat

Security Infowatch
provides a warning about a security threat to business networks from wearable fitness devices. “In truth, the potential risks of these devices go far beyond the privacy intrusion they represent for the everyday consumer. They also present a major source of vulnerability for business and corporate networks.”

“The threat that wearable fitness devices present to business networks stems from a number of factors. This is why, in August 2018, the Pentagon banned the use of fitness trackers, each of which possesses geolocation features, on military bases due to their exposure to data leaks. They had recognized that this security problem is presented not just by a fitness tracker, but by its whole ecosystem.

“The most basic element of this risk is that the design of these devices typically prioritizes easy connectivity over security. The connection between a wearable fitness device and an employee’s smartphone is relatively secure – because most devices make use of end-to-end encryption – but the same cannot be said for the insecure cloud storage that these data are then stored on.”

And so it goes. Single-minded hackers can be dastardly opponents of busy users of electronic devices, desktop or wearable ones.

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