Doug Bedell — August 15, 2010, 5:04 pm

Why Security Is Continually Necessary: Witness TSA

You would think that, by now, folks would have gotten the message that you can’t bring a gun on a commercial airliner. Not so. National Terror Alert (NTA) reports that, on average, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers “confiscate two guns per day on average at airport checkpoints around the country.” Believe it or not!

“In fact,”  NTA reports, “last week, 10 guns were confiscated in a single day, an unusually high number. That prompted the TSA to put a reminder on the TSA blog, under the headline, ‘Guns are No Fun at the Checkpoint.’”

Maybe folks don’t read the TSA blog, or have been existing in a time warp. Either way, this surprising presence of guns at airport checkpoints reinforces the point that security precautions are continually, we fear everlastingly, necessary at sensitive locations, whatever they might be. Some folks just don’t get the message, and maybe never will – their potential depredations will be spotted and prevented. So long as security is maintained.

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