Doug Bedell — June 5, 2020, 9:42 pm

Email Security: Higher Stakes Than Ever

Guess how many emails will be sent and received in 2020 – more than 306 billion per day. And “the popularity of email as a collaboration tool shows no sign of abating,” especially with the number of people now working from home. That’s how the blog leads off a post on the subject of email security.

“Organizations, Clearswift notes, “have never been so reliant on email to keep communication and productivity flowing. However, with collaboration comes risk. Phishing, spam, viruses, business email compromise, data loss (accidental or otherwise) – email has to cope with a large number of cybersecurity risks and threats, so it’s no wonder IT teams have to think carefully about deploying the right solution to keep their organization protected.”

So here’s the entryway to a Clearswift guide on “Six Steps to Email Security Best Practice”.

Clearswift advises that the six steps are:

1. Determine what data needs to be protected
2. Be clear about the dangers
3. Establish a robust and sustainable email security policy
4. Close the zero-day window
5. Encrypt sensitive data
6. Monitor behavior and performance

To protect your email traffic, it’s all worth digging into.

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