Doug Bedell — June 12, 2020, 7:14 pm

Cloud Computing Becoming a Security Necessity

With more office workers and others working from home – so-called remote workers – new cybersecurity threats arise for their employers, Security Infowatch notes. so they’re learning about basing their computer operations in the cloud – “cloud computing”.

“In the past, companies traditionally relied upon an on-premise business model that required face-to-face interactions, Steve Lasky writes on Infowatch. “This method of collaborating with employees can sometimes be a hindrance. In order to update a strong business resiliency plan, companies must invest in a secure, solid foundation that enables them to seamlessly communicate and work remotely – which can be enhanced with cloud technology.

“Today, many businesses have set up their workforce to work remotely, having had the need to do this quickly, and the cloud has become an essential technology for many of these companies. Having a cloud infrastructure will allow employees to easily work remotely and frees up internal technical resources required to implement, monitor, and support this environment.”

So, having key computer-based business operations “out there,” at the beckoning of a keyboard, is becoming a necessity for companies working more and more from the home offices of employees and executives. Security in another dimension.

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