Doug Bedell — June 29, 2020, 3:26 pm

A Security Blog Advises of China’s Capability ‘To Melt U.S. Power Grid’

Here’s a troubling report from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, via, that “China has a ‘First-Strike’ Capability To Melt U.S. Power Grid With Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon.”

The post advises that “The key takeaway, according to Dr. Peter Pry, executive director of the department’s EMP task force, is that China now has super-EMP weapons, knows how to protect itself against an EMP attack, and has developed protocols to conduct a first-strike attack, even as they deny they would ever do so.

“According to the Center for Strategic International Studies,” the In Homeland Security post continues, “China has the most active ballistic missile development program in the world, so this is doubly troubling. China used stolen U.S. technology to develop at least three types of high-tech weapons to attack the electric grid and key technologies that could cause a surprise ‘Pearl Harbor’ attack that could produce a deadly blackout to the entire country.”

Troubling indeed.

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