Doug Bedell — August 11, 2020, 12:11 pm

Identity Management a Special Covid-19 Concern in Hospitals

Security magazine has a web discussion of identity management in health care, which focuses on approaches to managing security access in hospitals, especially in this year era of COVID-19.

“The onset of COVID-19,” reads the post by Brooke Grigsby, “has introduced new challenges related to patient monitoring, reducing the spread of infection and maintaining a separation between those who have contracted the virus and those who have not. As the world has experienced a shift in how day-to-day operations are conducted, security manufacturers have begun tailoring their solutions to address these new demands.

“When dealing with an environment as complex as a hospital, it’s crucial to understand the many facets that go into hardening the security of the facility, while simultaneously maintaining an open environment dedicated to patient care.”

“While there are many ways to approach identity management,” the post concludes, “one thing is for certain: it is an ever-changing landscape that is constantly improving. With technological trends like touchless access control and contact tracing gaining traction, the healthcare industry will continue to see significant change in how it approaches identity management to protect patients, employees and assets.”

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