Doug Bedell — October 14, 2020, 10:40 am

Does Your Office Telephone System Have Emergency Capabilities?

Know your office telephone system and its emergency communication capabilities, if it has them. That’s the advice of SecurityInfoWatch writer Paul Timm, a physical security professional (PSP).

“The facilities in which I conduct security assessments typically have excellent telephone systems,” Timm notes. “When I ask an employee about the emergency communication capabilities, however, that person is often unfamiliar with feature specifics and how to access them.

“If and when a critical incident occurs, individuals may not be able to notify others or receive emergency notifications. Employees may not be able to answer questions, such as – Is there an “all call” feature? What is the main desk extension? Can the telephone access the public address system?”

For Timm, the lesson in this is “The value of your telephone system is determined by the individuals who utilize it. Make them aware of emergency communication features. Ensure they are prepared to utilize those emergency features.”

That’s your ring.

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