Doug Bedell — November 13, 2020, 2:11 pm

‘Security Robots’ Coming Into Military Use Patrolling Perimeters

Security officers are likely to be having company in the near future, in the “person” of four-legged robots walking at their side. Tony Mixon on reports that Ghost Robotics held a demonstration recently at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida of a security robot “walking” alongside a security sergeant on his rounds. It looked somewhat like a dog.

In the future, security robots are likely to be patrolling perimeters on their own.

“Hurricane Michael in 2018 significantly damaged static cameras, sensor platforms and fence lines in Tyndall’s integrated defense operation.” Mixon reports. “Maj. Jordan Criss, the 325th Security Squadron commander, has been working with Ghost Robotics for several years to get the robot dogs to Tyndall.

“This is a springboard into the future of integrated defense,” Criss said. “Rather than using a person, we can now leverage technology. We can use these robotic sentries to go out and sweep massive areas…

“The robots are designed for tasks such as remote inspection, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, mapping, distributed communications and persistent security. The technology, along with other innovations, will replace and exceed the capabilities of static defense equipment, officials said.”

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