Doug Bedell — November 16, 2020, 3:40 pm

‘Data Exfiltration’ a Security Term for Learning In a Computerized World

“Data exfiltration” is a mouthful term. But explains why it’s an increasingly pertinent one. In short, it’s the stealing of information by computer hacking.

“Data can be sensitive information about customers and employees, financial or strategic information, product designs or intellectual property, or any data that could undermine an organization’s market competitiveness,” Clearswift notes. “When this data is purposefully leaked from the organization without permission, it is known as data exfiltration and when it is lost, the organization suffers a data breach.

“The primary objective for stealing data from organizations is usually monetary gain. Cyber-criminals or malicious insiders exfiltrate data so that they can either ransom it back to the organization or sell it for profit on the dark web.”

It’s regrettable, indeed, that we need to become familiar with such techniques but it’s necessary for security in today’s computer-powered world.

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