Doug Bedell — March 8, 2021, 3:39 pm

COVID-19 Prompting Hospitals to Reconsider ‘Open Access’ Security

The COVID-19 pandemic has given hospitals and other healthcare facilities reason to consider anew their approach to physical security access control, reports Mike Hodges on the Proactive Security blog.

“It is time,” Hodges writes, “for healthcare facilities to stop pretending an open design is most appropriated (sp?) for the healthcare setting. That doesn’t mean we have to build fortresses, but it does mean that physical security needs have to have a seat at the table from the beginning of the facility design process.

“Many facilities,” he adds, “struggled with the sudden and immediate need to limit visitation and control access to our hospitals in March of 2020. We were all suddenly and significantly impacted by the physical design of our hospitals. Large open and welcoming lobbies became difficult to funnel people through to capture visitors and patients alike with effective screening processes.”

The Proactive Security blog, new to Barrier Briefs’ information sources, is subtitled “An open conversation on healthcare security and violence prevention”.

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