Doug Bedell — March 17, 2021, 12:33 pm

Security While Keeping Given Settings Attractive

Combining security with aesthetics is the subject of a post by Reliance Foundry – “A Complete Guide to Attractive Security Perimeters”.

“An ugly solid iron wall between the road and your building is not the only option,” Reliance advises. “A fence creates the feeling of living in a bunker and can drag complexity and interest out of the landscape. Similarly, solid lines of bollards or planters that provide very little visual variance can make residents complain about the sacrifice of streetscape for security.

“By using a variety of protective strategies, you can create a dynamic perimeter that does not bore the eye. Using a mix of security furnishings and approaches can offer places to sit and chat, lighting, artistic flourishes, or greenery, as well as offering functions like variable access or safe pedestrian pass through. There are many attractive security perimeter options that not only look great but work well too.”

Reliance notes that you want to create an attractive separate area using bollards and other forms of barriers that fit comfortably into a given setting.

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