Doug Bedell — December 6, 2007, 3:08 pm

Business-Police Cooperation in Scotland

We’ve noted the desirability of partnerships between local businesses and police before, but here’s an example of cooperation between police and businesses in Scotland that fleshes out the concept a bit.

Scotland is expanding application of Project Griffin – a counterterrorism training program developed by the City of London Police – in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and other metropolitan areas. Interest has been growing since a failed terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport this summer.

One of the most popular aspects of Project Griffin is that participating businesses and security firms are able to listen in on Friday “bridge” calls from London’s Metropolitan Police Service on intelligence pertinent to businesses and security personnel.

A Scottish police inspector says “Griffin training provided businesses with an element of confidence and an awareness of who to contact in the event of a problem.” Worthy gains in these times of heightened security concerns. Project Griffen could be worth emulating in U.S. metropolitan areas.

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