Doug Bedell — December 11, 2007, 12:23 pm

What’s ‘Safe Enough’ These Days?

An Associated Press report asks, “How much security does America want?”

Good question, in light of the bedeviling instances of armed assault that have been in the news recently.

“An Amish schoolhouse,” AP writes. “A college classroom building, bustling with students and professors. An upscale department store at a mall, decked with holiday trimmings.

“In recent years, massacres have occurred in the most benign settings, confronting Americans with a troubling choice – move toward airport-style security in a wide range of public places or fatalistically accept the slim chance that tragedy could strike anywhere in a free society.”

Instances like these – malls, schools and colleges – don’t readily lend themselves to access security controls. Yet there are facilities – single buildings, public utilities and transportation hubs, or other areas of sensitive activity – that are more amenable to a range of access controls, from cameras to bollards and barriers of various types.

PRO Barrier Engineering recognizes the dilemmas posed by imaginable – or unimaginable – threats, hazards and reasonably assured security. We have a range of approaches to such questions and would be pleased to discuss them with you.

If issues like these are bedeviling you, give our office a call, at 717-566-9347.

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