Doug Bedell — October 1, 2021, 10:36 am

Equipping Hospital Workers With ‘Panic Buttons’

Stress levels at a Missouri hospital are prompting health care workers there to wear panic buttons. “Pushing the button,” an Associated Press story advises, “will immediately alert hospital security, launching a tracking system that will send help to the endangered worker. The hospital hopes to have the system operational by the end of the year.”

“A similar program was successfully tested last year at CoxHealth’s Springfield hospital, spokeswoman Kaitlyn McConnell said.

Surges in COVID-19 admissions are bringing flaring tempers among incoming patients. “Personal Panic Buttons are one more tool in the battle to keep our staff safe and further demonstrate this organization’s commitment to maintaining a safe work and care environment,” said a hospital spokesperson.

The AP story adds patient stress levels extend beyond Missouri. “The Texas Tribune reported earlier this month on the rising number of assaults at Texas hospitals, incidents that officials believe are fueled by a surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations.”

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