Doug Bedell — October 8, 2021, 3:37 pm

Reasons for Being ‘Cybersmart’ on Your Computers

American Military University’s Edge blog notes that “October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month – an initiative created to raise our nation’s knowledge of the vital role that cybersecurity plays in keeping Americans safe and secure online..

“In the early days of the digital age,” the post continues, “cybersecurity was an optional part of a company’s infrastructure or an individual’s home office setup. Today, it is no longer optional, and deploying robust measures for cybersecurity is essential”

It follows with some sobering statistics “illustrating the need for strong cybersecurity:

“1. Worldwide spending on cybersecurity is going to reach $133.7 billion in 2022.
“2. 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.
“3. Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019.
“4. 71% of breaches were financially motivated, and 25% were motivated by espionage.
“5. 52% of breaches featured hacking, 28% involved malware, and 32–33% included phishing or social engineering, respectively.
“6. On average, only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected.”

So, the post adds, “Do Your Part – BeCyberSmart”. That’s a fitting prompting for being cyber aware on any computers connected with your enterprises.

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