Doug Bedell — October 11, 2021, 2:00 pm

Computer Threats Keep Growing in an Internet-Fueled World

Cyber criminals keep upping the stakes in security challenges of businesses that are ill-equipped to contend with them, the ITProPortol site advises.

“Modern cybercriminals engage in all sorts of malicious activities, from four-dimensional ransomware attacks (ransomware in the back-end, DDoS in the front-end, data theft and intimidation), to cloud-based cryptomining, business email compromise and various forms of fraud.” (The forms of attack are themselves confounding.)

“Businesses are forced to keep their employees vigilant, their supply chain tight and their systems protected. This is an even larger challenge than it sounds, as most are lacking skilled staff, as well as visibility across disparate and hard-to-integrate tools.”

This is all explained in “a new report from security education firm ISMG, funded by ReliaQuest”. Keeping up with threats in an internet-linked world is indeed challenging.

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