Doug Bedell — October 29, 2021, 3:04 pm

Especially During a Pandemic, Mail May Include Security Risks

If you’re in business, especially during a pandemic, the security of your incoming mail may need attention, Steve Lasky advises on

“In a time of a pandemic, economic uncertainties and social unrest,” Lasky writes, “organizational threats to the mailroom may come in many different forms. Former and current employees looking to settle a score against the company or specific staff, a disgruntled vendor or other stakeholders are all suspects that may have motives to disrupt business or tarnish a brand.”

“According to security and risk guidelines established by the USPS, mailrooms may have a low, medium, or high-risk level depending on their locations and their customers. it is also important to be aware of your customers and the types of business they conduct. International businesses or controversial professions or services can significantly heighten risks. If your organization employs security professionals, they can identify your mailroom risks and recommend how to address them. If not, you can immediately set in place some security measures; other measures will require some planning, action, and financing.”

Read on to ensure that receiving mail during a pandemic, whether in a business or home office, hasn’t increased the possibility of harm.

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