Doug Bedell — November 12, 2021, 3:02 pm

Significant New Funding Likely for Cybersecurity Programs

The Security Industry Association (SIA) provides a rundown of what the recently passed, and about to be signed by President Biden, $1.2 trillion infrastructure package “means for security and life safety companies”.

There will be $39 billion for public transit, $66 billion for passenger and freight rail, $25 billion for airports, $17 billion for port infrastructure, $5 billion for the electric and low emission bus program, and lesser, but still significant, amounts for a host of other programs.

Included is $1 billion for a state and local cybersecurity grant program under which “state and local governments will receive assistance when needed for recovery from cyberattacks, but also for proactive cybersecurity measures to protect government networks, including modernization that ensures alignment between information technology and operational technology cybersecurity objectives.”

SIA recommends that “security industry manufacturers and integrators play close attention to these policies.”

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