Doug Bedell — March 24, 2011, 12:15 pm

A Troubling Package Left Laying There

We don’t mean to rattle cages, but we can’t resist pointing out that – even with effective  fences, barriers and entry screeners – the final dependence in security is on alert human guards.

Thus, we note that the FBI is investigating how “a suspicious package containing explosives was left unattended by security guards for three weeks” at a federal office building in Detroit.

Three weeks? Three minutes would have been too long for a package  containing what are described as “explosive components” – or, actually, any package just laying around.

What should have been a suspicious package, The Washington Post reports, was left unopened and unscreened because “security officers thought it might have belonged to someone on a nearby construction crew.”

As we all should know, this isn’t how security works – you can’t “think” yourself to safety. Security is alertness in the  doing.

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