Doug Bedell — April 3, 2008, 7:49 am

IEDs Have a Website All Their Own

People who should know about this highly sensitive website probably already do. But for our times, it’s important that security technicians in the U.S. are able to learn about the workings of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) via the Web.

Homemade bombs have caused 70 percent of U.S. casualties in Irag and and 40 percent of combat deaths and have injured or killed a staggering number of Iraqis as well. With terrorist “success” rates like that, IED countermeasures are increasingly important to learn and perfect.

That’s the function of the Technical Resource for Incident prevention (TRIPwire) Web portal maintained by the Office of Bombing Prevention in the Department of Homeland Security. “Only cleared users can access the site,” reports Security Management, “chief among whom are the country’s roughly 2,900 bomb technicians on 472 accredited squads.

It’s wise for security managers to know who the accredited bomb technicians are in their locales and to maintain contact with them – to keep abreast of what fiendish techniques terrorists are coming up with in the way of IEDs.

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