Doug Bedell — May 9, 2008, 8:46 am

‘Walk right in’ Security Challenges

SecurityInfoWatch notes that while corporate security measures tend to focus on hacking and other physical breaches, it’s all too possible for spies to walk right in to corporate buildings. Personal intrustion techniques are an art form. Call them “thespian threats,” if you will.

“To me, computers are irrelevant,” says Ira Winkler, author of Spies Among Us and president of the Internet Security Advisors Group, “It’s about what data do I want, what form does it take, and how can I steal it?”

“Walk-right-in” methods include tailgating an authorized employee through the front door, walking in a back door where smokers take their breaks, entering through delivery or loading dock doors, posing as employees or IT support personnel, posing as visitors, and “phishing” for computer passwords or other access information.

Awareness of possible intrusion techniques is a corporate-wide training challenge, not just a role for security. Spies can be highly resourceful folks.

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