Doug Bedell — June 4, 2008, 7:31 am

Specify Security Along With Architectural Grace

Considering an important new building, one that needs to be secure from its opening day? Work with the building contractor and specifiers – the engineers and architects – around security aims from the start.

That’s the advice from Access Control & Security Systems on building security into the plans for a new building.

Access Control has a Q&A interview with Sean Ahrens, a project manager with Schirmer Engineering, a provider of security consulting and design, fire protection, code consulting and risk control services. Security is a complex field these days, Ahrens notes. It’s comprised of operational, physical and technical elements.

It’s amazing sometimes how visions of a new building get focused on its architectural qualities, with security added as an afterthought. The Ahrens interview advises how to keep that from happening, and why it’s important to do so if security is going to be an efficient presence after the carpenters and plumbers leave.

And if you are looking for that elusive element of “architectural grace” be sure to click back to the FAQ section of the PRO Barrier website and read the “How Important are Aesthetics?” section.

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