Doug Bedell — June 11, 2008, 11:27 am

Alertness to Federal Postings Yields Funding Clues

Credit Government Security News (GSN) with pointing out what can be gleaned from an “obscure” source of information like the Federal Register. GSN strings together three aviation-related postings in the Register into what might become new Homeland Security initiatives in aviation security, complete with funding. “Assembling a mosaic” GSN calls its technique for close reading of federal filings.

Three postings by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could be taken as signs of new or extended aviation security initiatives. TSA wants 1) to collect information about security concerns among officials who operate 3,000 general aviation airports across the U.S. 2) TSA will continue monitoring, under a somewhat revised basis, applications by foreign students to attend flight training schools in the U.S. And 3) TSA plans to continue collecting information from “454 regulated airport operators” about the “security of persons and property.”

GSN notes that “Federal Register notices often contain bits and pieces of information that at first blush might look rather unimportant, but we here at GSN love to gather – and think about – these random bits of information because when they’re properly organized they can create a fascinating, and revealing, mosaic.

A good skill for security officials to acquire – reading federal “tea leaves.”

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