Doug Bedell — March 19, 2006, 11:51 pm

‘Hardening’ Nuclear Plant Gates

As the Nuclear Regulatory Commission considers specifics of a plan for protecting the nation’s nuclear power plants from terrorist attacks, critics say the commission isn’t envisioning attacks by a large force equipped, perhaps, with rockets or other high-powered weaponry.

Considering the worst that might happen is certainly appropriate. Yet relatively more mundane questions are also pertinent, such as whether plant entrances are protected by vehicle access control barriers that are strong enough to stop speeding trucks. Taking some of the pressure off a gate’s guards is one of a barrier’s functions. Guards who know their barriers will stop just about anything – as PRO Barrier’s Arrestor will – have an extra edge, one that nuclear plants, especially, need.

The NRC, reports Access Control & Security Systems, expects to finalize its nuclear plant defense plan later this year.

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