Doug Bedell — August 29, 2012, 3:28 pm

Security Starts With Awareness

You can systematize anything, including prompts for studying risk in a way that matters. Too many of us put clues to possible danger aside. That’s the position of a post on “Near-misses, mitigation and resilience” on Homeland Security Watch.

The post notes how researchers at the Wharton School added two new layers at the base of a Safety Pyramid and renamed it the “Risk Pyramid.” The two new layers are 1. Foreshadowing Events and Observations and, 2. Positive Illusions, Unsafe Conditions and Unobserved Problems – Unawareness, Ignorance, Complacency.

In other words you can’t plan or act securely without thinking about what maybe you don’t know, or have put aside without noticing what you’ve done. Be alert to be secure, you might say.

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