Doug Bedell — January 21, 2013, 10:07 am

Security Reminder: Effective Background Checks Are Part of the Picture

Perimeter security is important, gate guards, too, but screening of employees and recognition of visitors counts a lot, too. Such thoughts are prompted by a lengthy (Daily) Mail Online account of the attack on the BP natural gas plant in Algeria attacked by Al Qaeda.

“Now there are claims,” says the report,  “that some of the Islamist radicals had been hired over the past year at the vast facility in the Sahara desert, close to the town of In Amenas….

“An Algerian security source said: ‘The suspicion is that some of the militants were placed inside the plant as drivers, cooks and even guards.

“‘This gave them detailed detailed knowledge of the facility, and indeed its top level security measures.

“‘There were many hundreds of workers of all nationalities at the site, and applications for work would have been made to BP. There would have been some kind of background checks, of course.’

“BP would not comment on the claims, which have begun to appear in the Algerian media.”

Clearly, difficult as it is to insure that an applicant’s identity has been fully established, background checks aren’t merely a formality.

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