Doug Bedell — January 31, 2013, 10:58 am

Selective Chinese Hackers Hit The New York Times

The sophistication of computer hackers keeps amazing us, and providing warnings of the need for alertness about who may be visiting computer systems. You’d think, for instance, that The New York Times would be a pretty secure cyber scene. Yet Security Management reports that hackers apparently associated with the Chinese government took offense to a Times story on the wealth of Chinese premier Wen Jiabao.

And so, The Times’ was hit by a cyberattack – not just its website but “the newspaper’s internal networks and the personal computers of more than 50 employees…”. But, calm down, the hackers “only sought information related to the Wen Jiabo story.” Wow, that’s like delving into a reporter’s notebook for a specific set of notes. Need any more convincing about how important it is to understand the need for, and maintain, computer anti-hacking defenses?

The Times headed to AT&T, the FBI and an outside security company for help in strengthening its cyber defenses. Anti-hacking is a form of electronic protection that enterprises need to understand and secure. Folks can be roaming through your files whether or not you have stout perimeter fencing and vehicle access control barriers.

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