Doug Bedell — November 11, 2008, 10:28 pm

Parking Garages a Security Challenge

Older parking garages are among the hardest buildings to secure in a time of enhanced concern for protection. October’s Security Technology & Design had informative article on parking garage security, including “The Top 10 Errors” in designing and operating parking facilities:

1. Having essentially unattended facilities, except for the ticket taker.

2. Numerous hiding spaces.

3. Lack of electronic security for surveillance and access control.

4. Structural interference in viewing between parking bays.

5. Foot or vehicle circulation signage lacking, creating confusion.

6, Dirty and under-maintained.

7. Exclusively designed as a “stable for vehicles,” with no other people functions.

8. Perimeter access unsupervised.

9. Pedestrian access points without natural surveillance.

10. Same access protocol allowed 24 hours a day.

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