Doug Bedell — June 17, 2013, 10:50 am

Where Are We in a Surveillance World? Right Where We’ve Been

Ronald Marks on Security Debrief raises an interesting, if not anxious, question in the wake of the National Security Agency’s monitoring of telephone records as an anti-terrorism tactic. A key subhead: “The New Reality – You Are Never Alone in Cyberspace.”

“The problem with roller coaster rides,” Marks writes,  “is you get off where you start. In today’s Cyber World, most basic challenges are not going to change.

“First, the bad guys hide in ever-growing cyber space. As they now hunt us in terms of ones and twos and self-recruitment, we need to dig deeply into cyberspace and as fast as possible.

“Second, it is important to have a debate about how far we want the surveillance state to exist. But, if we do talk about that, we should also remember Amazon and Google are playing the same type of surveillance game and should be included in the discussion. Do we really want to stop them from making a buck and selling us stuff we want?”

What Marks is saying is that the surveillance debate is tied up not only with NSA monitoring, but with the use of “big data” monitoring for commercial purposes. And not a whole lot is likely to change now that we’ve populated cyberspace.

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