Doug Bedell — August 1, 2013, 1:03 pm

Virtually Instant Remote Face and Fingerprint Checks

Wow! Border Patrol officers – 67 of them, anyway – are being equipped with “mobile biometric capture devices” that will capture facial images and fingerprints in no time for ready comparison to the 120,000-person watchlist of “known and suspected terrorists.” The devices are manufactured by CrossMatch Technologies, of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, or companies producing an equivalent product.

The scanning cameras have built-in wireless networking capability, which enables the quick comparison checks. “This capability,” says CrossMatch on its website, “is extremely valuable to field personnel in remote locations for performing on-the-spot ID checks. The built in wireless networking capability allows field personnel to access remote databases, such as ABIS, for thorough identification checks. Additionally, SEEK II can be configured to capture and hold latent images in a database for remote matching.” Again, wow!

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