Doug Bedell — February 18, 2014, 4:04 pm

Security Systems for ‘Scrap Yards’ a Growing Need

What are the connections between security, protecting the environment and recycling? Strong, because humans, notes the Advanced Perimeter Systems Blog, are using up natural resources at an annual rate half again as fast as what the earth naturally provides. Thus scrap materials of all kinds, their value increasing, are subject to theft if “junk yard” security systems aren’t strong.

Scrap metal, for example, is in high demand. “The biggest target for metal theft,” we’re advised, “is without doubt scrap yards where everything from wrecked cars to old bicycles, old garden benches to exercise machines is dumped and collected for recycling.

“Scrap yard security is therefore a big concern with yard owners asking if their current system is effective enough.”

Electric fences and remote monitoring are listed as prime components of a scrapyard security plan. We’d add, of course, deterrents for unauthorized vehicles at the entrances.

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