Doug Bedell — January 19, 2009, 11:54 am

Step-by-Step to an Employee Badging System

Here’s  a detailed primer on establishing and maintaining an employee badging system. Joy Creasy, PSP, director of training for Tech Systems, a Duluth, Ga.-based systems integrator, provides several pages of practical directions on SecurityInfoUpdate on how to create a security badging system as part of any integrated site-security plan.

Along with physical access control, a badging system is where security begins. Joy Creasy writes as though she has worlds of experience (probably has), and provides practical tips like this: “Security cameras have great resolution; but an off-the-shelf digital camera, such as a Canon Powershot, might be an affordable and convenient solution if you want to purchase two or more for initial badge issue, or if you ever need to replace it in a hurry.”

Joy’s article is virtually a badging seminar in print. Badging systems need to be systematically created and maintained. This piece makes you feel sensibly secure about how best to proceed.

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