Doug Bedell — January 28, 2009, 10:59 am

Crisis Readiness Needs Attention by All

Here’s a short piece that’s on the mark about crisis preparedness. Every business should be doing it – to stay mindful of key steps to take, and responses to make, should a crisis strike unexpectedly.

Curtis Baille is writing here about retailers, but the same cautions hold for all sorts of businesses. 

“It’s crucial,” Baille says, “to have a written policy manual outlining the responses to be taken when a crisis strikes. Keep a copy of the Crisis Management Policy in each business location so it can be easily retrieved by store management in case of an emergency. If you have an internal audit program, place the crisis policy manual on the audit check list. Make sure you check for the latest updates. Every time a member of the Crisis Management Team, (CMT), changes, or any important contact information about them changes, make sure the policy manuals are brought up-to-date.”

He might have added the advisability of conducting regular drills under a crisis management plan. But, again, the article is a short one. Short and timely.

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