Doug Bedell — April 9, 2007, 11:40 am

Terrorist Pins on a Google Map

“Vigilance” is the first, middle and last name of a website – – that tracks terrorist or suspicious events around the world and overlays them on a Google map of the world – just click for the details. The map is updated every 460 seconds and users can sign up for e-mail advisories as well.

This seems an exemplary effort by the parent service – (related to – to keep track of unsettling developments around the world, one after the other, basically summarizing what the news media in given countries are reporting.

There may or may not be trends in terrorist activity worldwide. Government and corporate officials responsible for keeping abreast of such concerns need sources like to reach their own conclusions on the nature of threats confronting their organizations. says it’s a free public service that’s not “funded or endorsed by any government agency, domestic or foreign, or any religious, political or special interest groups.” Just a handy headline compiler in an area – terrorism and security threats – of compelling interest to us all.

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