Doug Bedell — June 12, 2007, 1:34 pm

‘Resilient Thinking’

Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, who served as the nation’s first Secretary of Homeland Security, gave some candid advice to Philadelphia area business people recently.

“You should always be thinking about risk and business continuity,” Ridge told the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. “An intelligent company is a resilient company ready to take a hit and move on.”

Ridge wasn’t predicting upsets for anyone, just urging prudence – and defining what prudence means these days.

As summarized in a CofC news release, “Ridge emphasized how critical it is for a company to have a risk management plan in place and to train its employees on the elements of that plan. Ridge also outlined the need for companies to continue to be able to operate, to turn a profit and to keep people employed in the event of an incident.”

We’ve been urging that sort of prudent preparedness for some time. Tom Ridge has it right.

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