Doug Bedell — November 21, 2016, 10:43 pm

Internet Banking Calls for Security Savvy

Online banking can be a great convenience but, Safe & Savvy notes, it’s a digital security risk as well.

Safe & Savvy quotes F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan: “Online banking basically puts a bank machine on the internet. But the World Wide Web, Wi-Fi networks, and devices don’t offer people the level of security they expect from banks. Banks aren’t ignoring these risks, but basic man-in-the-middle attacks are more than enough to compromise the security of an online banking session.

“Man-in-the-middle, or MITM attacks, “are when an attacker is able to place themselves in between two parties exchanging information, allowing attackers to monitor or even change the information being communicated. So when you’re doing banking over the internet, you’re sending/receiving information like passwords, financial details, and other data that MITM hackers can steal and use to break into your bank account.”

Sullivan provides tips on securing Internet banking services in his Safe & Savvy post.

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