Doug Bedell — January 10, 2017, 3:43 pm

If It’s on Wi-Fi, Can Even the Fridge Be Trusted?

Gee, isn’t this great? A refrigerator with a Wi-Fi-accessed camera “so,” for example, “you can look inside from your phone while you’re at the supermarket to see just how much mustard is left in the jar.”

As we keep adding to the Internet-of-Things, we’re also adding to personal security risks. We don’t want to overplay this, but anything that’s out there digitally can, possibly, be hacked and compromised. Not likely, perhaps, but possibly.

So, with our Internet gambols, we take on an added amount of risk as well, even from our refrigerators. Read more about this on Naked Security’s “The Spy, sorry, The Fridge Who Loved Me.”

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