Doug Bedell — January 24, 2017, 12:33 pm

‘Insider’ Security Challenges Growing

Time out to provide a sense of the people/cyber security setting overall, courtesy of Security Magazine. The “insider challenge” is getting ever worse. Insider threats and corporate cyber espionage are survey–certified top security challenges for 2017.

“All too often,” says Security Magazine, “enterprise security departments are not involved in the acquisition of human resources (contract, direct hires and so on). In addition, they are not involved in new resource indoctrination (on-boarding) or providing a basic educational program for all new human resources. Nor are they involved in vendor investigations prior to contracting. While both of these areas take time and effort, given the continued risks of insiders and espionage, these areas must be properly addressed NOW!”

Thus, security disciplines and their application to internal personnel need to become mainstays of intrusion-wary organizations.

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