Doug Bedell — April 24, 2017, 4:03 pm

These Digital Footprints Can Identify Criminals

Another few steps ahead in the security arena: Government Security News reports that the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Rocky Mount, Va., has become the first law enforcement agency in the Western Hemisphere that can cull digital evidence from footsteps, that is, their imprints.

“Local Franklin County business EVIDENT,” GSN advises, “has partnered with the Dalian, China based business EVERSPRY to produced an advanced footwear evidence collection and comparison system…”

“This system allows the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office to actively collect sample footwear impressions from every arrestee that is booked into the Franklin County Jail. These suspect footwear impression samples may then be quickly searched and compared to any crime scene footwear impressions that have been collected. Any footwear impressions that have matching patterns will then be displayed to the Sheriff’s Office as potential suspects or investigative leads.”

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