Doug Bedell — April 26, 2017, 2:20 pm

Premonitions from the Past – A ‘Cyber 9-11’ Looming?

DarkReading provides a scary look at the security scene before the 9-11 attacks and today. “Former CIA Director George Tenet’s statement less than two months before 9-11 that ‘the system was blinking red'”, writes Paul Kurtz, “is eerily familiar to our current threat environment in cyberspace. We have a preponderance of reporting on adversaries but the availability of specific, actionable detail is sparse.

“This is not a prediction of a ‘cyber 9-11’ but rather identification of the striking parallels between how we approached counter-terrorism threat analysis before 9-11 to how we handle cyber threat intelligence today. Our approach to cyber threat intelligence is broken.”

Read on to learn why Kurtz, CEO and cofounder of TruSTAR Technology, feels this is so.

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