Doug Bedell — October 26, 2009, 9:28 am

License Numbers Safe from ‘Eyes in the Sky’

PRO Barrier isn’t in the debunking business, but we thought we’d share this myth-busting item with you simply because it’s interesting. You hear occasionally that spy satellites work at resolutions so sharp they can read the numbers on a car’s license plate.

Not so, says the NerdModo blog. The Hubble telescope has a maximum resolution of 16cm, or about 6.3 inches. That’s enough to view a car or building in detail, but not enough to read a license plate. Spy satellites have a resolution of 10cm, still not enough to get close enough to your car’s bumper. It would take a resolution of less than 1cm to real your plate. And that, says NerdModo, isn’t possible with today’s satellite technology.

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