Doug Bedell — June 29, 2007, 10:40 am

Security Community Data Base Underway

Here’s an interesting approach to creating a broad community of security practitioners:

The CSO Executive Council is creating an on-line “security scorecard” that gathers data from security officials by asking them to complete online surveys on security issues and concerns. The answers are building a database that will be available to all the respondents, not just the council’s members. It will allow respondents to compare their organizations against others, says Bob Hayes, the CSO Executive Council’s managing director.

The council will be providing data back to respondents once it has a large enough data pool. That should be an incentive for security personnel to help with creating what could become a very useful security community data base.

The June survey, for example, seeks data on workplace violence and the deployment of security officers in various corporate settings.

Among the data it gathers, the CSO Executive Council offers a PDF, “Security Legislation”, that lists all the laws, regulations and voluntary compliance actions that have occurred since 9/11. “”We have become one of the most regulated industries in America,” Hayes says, “and people don’t even know it.”

The council’s website offers a wealth of other security informational products prepared by its faculty of former security executives.

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