Doug Bedell — July 26, 2017, 4:02 pm

A Computer Mouse Can Be a Pesky Devil Indeed

More and more, the threats being talked about on security blogs these days concern cyber security and the increasing ease with which unprotected computer systems can be breached. There’s Yossi Appleboum on SecurityInfoWatch for instance. He’s the Co-SEO Sepio Systems, “a pioneer in securing organizations against attacks via rogue hardware systems.”

For example, “It may sound crazy that computer peripherals like mice, keyboards and network devices like printers and IP phones will be used for cyber attacks on commercial targets, but the fact is, these attacks are already happening. The cost of these tools is dropping rapidly, as are the required skills for executing attacks. Criminals are now selling plug-and-play “attack sets for dummies” on the dark web that require no coding or hacking expertise to be able to exfiltrate sensitive data from systems…”

Read on, and recognize that a mouse in hostile hands can be akin to a Trojan Horse.

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