Doug Bedell — August 23, 2017, 10:20 am

Out-of-Date Software a Big Computer Security Risk

When hospitals in the United Kingdom focused on what had left them defenseless in a recent computer hacking attack, administrators realized they were running Windows XP, which was out of date and vulnerable to attacks.

Thus the Clearswift blog advises that “Running critical infrastructure on outdated software is incredibly risky.” In the UK, “It was recently announced that NHS Digital has signed an agreement with Microsoft to cover all NHS (National Health Service) organizations with a centralized framework for the detection of malicious cyber activity, while also providing patches for all current Windows devices in the health service running on XP.

We’ve got to be mindful that we should be running with current software, or if it isn’t possible to update system software, we should definitely be using intrusion-detecting software, like Norton Internet Security, and keeping it updated.

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