Doug Bedell — July 5, 2007, 11:23 am

Opportunity: Seeing Risk Whole

Companies with global ties increasingly are taking a wholistic, systems approach to internal and external security, under the unifying heading of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Ray O’Hara, CPP, senior vice president of Vance, a Garda Company, writes about this important convergence trend in the June, 2007 Security Technology & Design. He will be speaking on it at the 2007 ASIS meeting in Las Vegas in September.

The integration of security, information technology and financial risk management under ERM offers tremendous opportunity to security professionals who school themselves in these disciplines and bid for the emerging title of Chief Security Officer (CSO).

O’Hara writes that it is critical for security professionals to understand the interactions of “Badges, Bytes and Beans” – security, IT and finance – in today’s “always on” organizations.

“Admittedly, all three entities had a common mission – the well-being of the company. But their agendas frequently came into opposition.

“Those historic antagonisms and conflicting agendas are dissolving today, as security, IT and financial risk managers come together in the face of a common threat that transcends each of their functional areas – the virtual enterprise under attrack. This environment of unprecedented risk creates tremendous opportunities for security professionals to significantly elevate their corporate standing and influence. Companies recognize that the threats they face are real and growing. They perceive their vulnerabilities are becoming liabilities that will jeopardize the company’s ability to compete, and to revenue growth and profitability.”

There is much more insight in O’Hara’s Security Technology & Design article, which, unfortunately, doesn’t appear available for web linking.

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