Doug Bedell — October 16, 2017, 9:22 am

Getting Acquainted in Challenging Security Times

Google “physical perimeter security” and the first item to appear dates to March, 2013 – “The 5 D’s of Outdoor Perimeter Security”. In today’s digital world, four years can make a post a security classic. So what are the “5 D’s”?

Kevin Marier, founder and CEO of Connex International, Inc., who wrote the piece, identifies them as Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay and Defend. As it happens, PRO Barrier Engineering’s approach to anti-terrorism protection is based essentially on the same principles.

Detect the presence of unauthorized intruders and and keep them out of your premises, either at the gate or the perimeter. This is what PRO Barrier exists to do – counsel customers and prospective customers on keeping properties safe through hardheaded principles of site security, and to equip them with the barriers or other equipment equal to the challenge.

Spend some time on and learn how seriously PRO Barrier takes the site security challenge. Start with “About Us”, then go where your security concerns take you. We’ll be pleased to talk with you further.

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