Doug Bedell — October 31, 2017, 6:54 am

Organizations: ‘Know Thyselves’ in Insuring Cyber Security

Knowing where cyber-attacks are coming from is a big part of defending against any that may be aimed at your enterprise. A truism? Yes and no, we gather from a Clearswift post, “3 ways to protect your organization against the insider threat”.

“Our latest research reveals that the extended enterprise (employees, customers, suppliers and ex-employees) is responsible for 74 percent of cyber incidents,” Clearswift advises. “…An organization’s employees alone – whether through malicious or accidental actions – made up 42 percent of incidents, providing organizations with a clear starting point in addressing their cyber security.”

So all but the very smallest organizations can begin with a sage directive: “Know thyself first,” in cybersecurity terms. “65% of these incidents are accidental or inadvertent rather than deliberate and make up the majority of internal threats.” Safe data storage and regular training seminars for employees are places to begin.

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