Doug Bedell — July 12, 2007, 8:49 am

For Facilities: Helpful Strategic Pointers

For an excellent overview of complexity trends in the security field, Today’s Facility Manager (TFM) magazine has a lengthy article, “The Emergence of the Electronic Security Age.” It’s top-of-the-list reading for security professionals and facility managers.

TFM discusses convergence and interoperability trends in security equipment and adds, “Although the technological changes in products and systems are significant, traditional physical security measures, such as mechanical locks, guards, turnstiles and bollards continue to play a major role in protection. With so much variability from company to company, no single security solution works for everyone.”

To help get a handle on increasingly complex security choices, the article notes and discusses a host of strategic factors – under the headings of assessment strategies, ongoing trends and product developments.

Key factors include internal communication, economics, the influence of the Federal Government’s security moves, and the mix of “high” and “low” technologies appropriate to a given situation.

Start, one manager advises, by asking “What are the assets that you are trying to protect?” Depending on the setting, they can be people, data, or valuables – or all three.

Again, the article is an excellent overview for security strategizing by facility managers.

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